NaNoWriMo: Log Two

I’m trying to write quality, over quantity, and it has hurt my progress so far. I checked in on Reddit’s NaNoWriMo Subreddit, and everyone’s advice is about how I should be writing and writing, trying not to care about the quality of what I produce. I’ll try to keep this is mind for the future days to come.

Mathematically, we’re 16% through November already, but I’m only 2%  done with a 50,000 word novel. It doesn’t help that I’m starting my novel with a prologue character, like George R.R. Martin, and that I’m not entirely invested in this prologue character, because, like Martin’s prologue characters, he’s going to die.

Still, I need to seriously increase my output: Reddit says I should be at 10,000 words already, which is, wow. I’m behind. With 25 days left in the month, I need to increase output to about 2000 words a day in order to reach the NaNoWriMo goal.


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