What’s Up? (11/11/13)

First of all, Happy Birthday to my brother, who’s turning the big 1-9 today. That’s right bro, you can finally buy tobacco products in New York, that is, until they change the tobacco age to 21 in the next few months.

Now, back to me. I started a review of M.I.A.’s new album, and that should come out some time this week, though it is fighting for space in a very writing-intensive week. I’ve got a report due on Thursday in Media & Consumer Culture, and the usual English-Major writing-stuff. A week ago I managed my time poorly, and I payed the price, and life became this struggle to catch up on sleep. Today is nothing like last week: as I managed my time poorly, but actually got some serious benefits from the situation. See, hitting rock bottom (and being so tired that you cut class is definitely rock bottom) means that you can only bounce back (right?) and so, even though I was writing papers till the ugly hours of the morning, I embraced  that, enjoyed it for what I could, wrote something awesome, and had a great little nap before showering this morning.

Which brings me to showering: I really wish a shower could keep me warm. It’s not a matter of water heat, god knows we don’t lack for scalding hot water, but more like surface area. The water can only reach so many places, and the sensation of leaving like, 40% of your body in the freezing cold is horrible. While contorting my body into shapes that allowed the water to reach the most places, I began to think about how much I’d pay just to have a solid hour in a hot tub or Jacuzzi. I could probably fall asleep in one, I imagined, in my shivering, sleep-deprived state. The chance to sit down, be massaged by jets and warm water, it was too tempting.

Toweled off, got cold, climbed into bed to write a blog post, and that’s all he wrote.


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