What’s Up? (12/4/13)

This is the first proper “What’s Up?” in a pretty long time. So, what’s up? It’s 5AM, the sound of the morning freight trains can be heard very clearly over, what must be the sound of dump trucks from Waste Management coming to empty dumpsters or something. My life is not on fire right now, which is all I could ask for.

I don’t do it often enough, but when under pressure I really, really work well. I fact-checked a thousand words of a classmate’s paper, a process I enjoyed more than I thought I would, since classmates made fact-checking to be nothing short of hellish. In reality, it felt like detective work, finding facts and proofing information on the internet. I followed up on my potential internship positions, made a few phone-calls, and found a dry cleaner to get suits pressed at for interviews. Furthermore, I attended a study session for Psychology 101, and squeezed in a proper re-read of the textbook chapters tonight. All of this, while dealing with the crisis-management that was discovering a bed bug last morning at 3AM, which spread more fear and psychosis around the apartment than I ever could have anticipated.

But my life is not on fire, I’ve started a pleasant conversation with a new girl, I still feel refreshed from being home over the weekend, old passions have been rekindled, and despite the fact that I have three, four hours tops of sleep before classes start at 10AM, I’m going to own those three-to-four hours, wake up, have a New York bagel, and do this all over again tomorrow.


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