What’s Up? (12/21/13)

Rocking “Beat Connection” by LCD Soundsytem right now, wrapped up in the blankets of my bed, yet again. I have spent an incredibly disproportionate amount of time here in my bed, compared to time spent anywhere else. I bet it’s something like, a 60-40 split, considering all the time I spend sleeping, lazily browsing the internet, making music, and listening to music. So what’s up?

I listened to Queens of The Stone Age’s “…Like Clockwork” (2013) for the first time yesterday, so a review of that album is coming soon, which leaves just three more albums to review from my mad-dash music review rush list. Now I’ve started listening to “Yr City’s A Sucker” by LCD Soundsystem, which according to my iPod is my most-played track by the band, which is cool. I’m planning on seeing “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” tomorrow; I’m one of those select few who still have not seen the film. On Tuesday I’m going to get a second dose of Jennifer Lawrence in “American Hustle” which looks like a fantastic film.

I’m very tired. I could use a day where I sleep until 2:00 PM. Everything in my house is so comfortable, I could sleep anywhere. As I speak, the blankets pull me deeper, I slump from sitting upright to laying down. The synths of LCD Soundsystem lull me to bed. Had a dream about girl, I’d like to have that dream again.

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