What’s Up? (12/31/2013) Part Two

7:00 PM: The heat is on. People are coming over in just an hour. Cleaning up your designated hang-out area can be a source of anxiety, but a source of fun too. Your favorite music is on, you’re cleaning to the beat, and finding clever ways to make your rooms look clean and tidy. What your guests don’t know doesn’t hurt them, so swipe the dust off the table onto the floor, kick everything underneath the couch, hide your trash as best as you can, or throw it away without a second thought. Do whatever it takes to create the illusion that your place has been ready for days, not minutes. Leave some knick-knacks laying around, after all, you do live here, and random stuff on the coffee table, in the bathroom, or at a desk can be a source of conversation.

And one roll of paper towels is never enough, that one roll won’t be there when you need it: leave two at opposite ends of the room, or three or four scattered around so that whoever hears your cries for help can save you in time.


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