What’s Up? (12/31/2013)

2 AM: The last day of the year is upon us. I don’t have a great feeling about this New Year’s Eve. Things feel off. Last year there was a great big party in my attic; lots of friends showed up, I had only had a smart-phone for a few weeks at that point, I tried Jägermeister for the first time, and there were good vibes. This year around, I don’t know. There are going to be less people in my attic, by my own choice; the host’s difficult guest-list decision, the make or break of the party.

A party is like a puzzle; and the right assortment of snacks, drinks, music, and people will make a pretty picture. But if you invite everybody you know, you’re left with extra pieces, and trying to force them together is simply awkward and ruins everything.

I have a bad feeling there are going to be extra pieces. Until that happens, I’m going to make the last twelve hours of 2013 as good as possible. That means, oh, five or six hours of sleep, pizza; chilling with my best friend, and then trying my best to put together the right pieces for a party. And then, 2014. Sweet, sweet 2014. Let me tell you right now, 2014 will be spectacular.

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