What’s Up? (1/7/14)

I woke up, and couldn’t get hot water from the shower. I decided to skip a cold shower, considering it was cold enough outside that my hair might actually freeze on the way to class. People said it was twenty below zero today, but I didn’t think it was the worst weather ever. I’ve certainly been colder before. It’s just a matter of preparation, if you’re wearing the right stuff, you won’t die out there.

Anyways, let’s check in on other things. Did I eat as well today as I did yesterday? No. And that’s fine. I can’t expect to suddenly start eating salad every day of my life. That being said, despite having pizza and pasta for lunch and dinner respectively, I did pick up three apples and two huge oranges, and I still have half a bag of salad – so I think tomorrow will be a healthy day.

I meditated for thirty minutes today, after eating – I think meditating while hungry – and for just fifteen minutes was better. Thirty minutes started to make me tired, and I think I stopped benefiting after twenty anyways. That’s all for today, it wasn’t very eventful.


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