What’s Up? (1/10/14)

I’m wearing an infinity scarf right now and I feel great. Maybe it doesn’t actually change anything about me, but I feel like I’m more open because of what I’m wearing. The slow move towards more “feminine” designs in t-shirts wasn’t getting me anywhere, but now? Some part of me thinks that it’s kind of nonsense, that what you wear doesn’t change anything about your behavior or self-esteem, but the other part of me is convinced that putting on a light and fluffy infinity scarf is making me more comfortable.

Some light meditation launched me into a plan of action over the next two days – a schedule of sorts for getting everything in order. When am I going to promote an event for The Silent Barn? Tomorrow. When am I going to work on a postcard for an internship application? Tonight. When am I going to hit the gym? Sunday. When am I going to apply for an internship with UPMC? Tomorrow.

For the first week of the semester, there’s a lot going on. Drop this class, join this club, apply for this, attend that, and there’s a lot of reading and writing too – but I guess that’s just how things are going to be now that I’m in the final stages of college. Man that sounds weird to say. The final stages of college. Moving on – I need to ask a friend how she meditates because, while I like the chance to relax, I don’t feel like I’m reaching an enlightening stance of relaxation. There’s too much noise; I can hear traffic on the Boulevard from my room, the constant humming of things in the apartment, and more often than not – Seinfeld in the living room. I can imagine there being a pretty relaxing set of natural-sounds that I could put on my iPod and listen to, like a tape-loop of a beach, or rain.

That gives me an idea actually. Not for meditation exactly, but… have you ever heard of Rainymood.com? Its a website that plays thunderstorm audio, and it’s pretty cool to layer over music. Take that a step further and visit Youarelistening.to/newyork to get NYC police scanner audio – and then your room becomes a Noir-esque rainy cop radio-drama.

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