What’s Up? (1/13/14)

Today wasn’t horrible, though it followed a pretty turbulent yesterday. Sunday had the common ups and downs of a day packed tightly with the work and play that is scrambling to do Monday’s homework, and managing to watch football simultaneously. My alternate weekend mission was to finish Season One of The Wire, and as of right now I’m halfway there. Everything was okay until my frail psyche fell apart at what felt like another rejection, and I submitted to self-hate thoughts, until a few friends picked me up again by the end of the night.

Freight trains. You can hear them chugging along every night here in Pittsburgh. They start as early as, 11PM I suppose, but I’ve heard them blowing their horns as late as 4-5AM.

My little breakdown episode is symptom of a larger problem, one that needs facing and fixing, soon.


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