What’s Up? (1/28/14)

It bothers me a little bit that, while it’s the 28th while I’m writing this post, in my time zone at least, WordPress has the final say, and wherever they are, it’s the 29th. Regardless, let’s get started.

It’s a beautiful day! I mean, not physically, because it’s below zero, wet, snowy, windy, and all of that great stuff. No, it’s a great day because for the second day in the row I feel a rejuvenated spirit, and a very clear sense of self. On Monday, I gave a speech to my Advanced Public Speaking class about how shitty the labels “masculine” and “feminine” are, and it felt great. It wasn’t the first time that I’ve vented that opinion before, I’ve written about it in essays before, and people have read my essays before – and used female pronouns to describe me, the anonymous writer, but it was the first time I got out in front of people, in the open, and talked about it. I was high on spirit, for a long time afterwards too! The feeling lasted hours after I spoke, and was only interrupted by discovering that I had to write a 7-page assignment by Tuesday.

It took me until 5:40 AM to finish that assignment, and while exhausting, I felt really good about what I had created, and the physical exhaustion that comes from sleep deprivation is intoxicating. I start laughing more often, usually for no reason, I dance to music, and do really dumb things and well, sleep deprivation is not the worst thing there is.

Jump to: Tuesday night at 9PM, for the Campus Women’s Organization’s “Why I Need Feminism” event. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I appeared to be the only dude; I struggle to be politically correct on this, because there are so many ways to say this incorrectly. That’s not really important though, what’s important is that, it felt great to be there. To hear people vent all of the shitty ways they’ve been treated, or seen others treated, or treated themselves, because they were women, to be in a place of such therapy felt therapeutic. I belong there, I felt like I belonged, though I don’t know where my place to contribute is, perhaps it’s only to talk about the horrors I’ve witnessed. I’ve certainly suffered, as a man, in unfair ways, because gender norms, suck – but I’m not going to jump the gun on venting that in the open, not when there are girls who are given knives to protect themselves, and taught how not to get raped. Besides the philosophical struggle, I was so happy I went, and I think I met some really cool people who could be friends.

This is how great the day’s been: I’m actively missing out on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to talk to you about this.


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