What’s Up? (2/5/2014)

You know what’s amazing? Waking up early for class. No, I’m serious! This week I’ve been giving myself three or four hours of extra time before class. None of my classes start until around 2:00PM, so I could wake up as late as 1:00PM if I wanted to. For the most part, I have slept as much as possible, rushing through my “morning” routine before class as a result. This whole, being able to take my time has really improved my mood though. I can wake up, eat breakfast, watch TV, and shower, and not rush it all into a single hour? That beats extra sleep-hours by a long shot. More sleep is the natural response, I have to fight the urge not to go back for more sleep, but exercising willpower into waking up has really felt great. The more time I have to wake up, the better!


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