What’s Up? (2/8/14)

I bought myself a Korg Microkorg with Christmas money a few weeks ago, and its been one of the more fun things to do since I got it. I haven’t touched any videogames (beside the occasional minute or two of Pinball Arcade) since, and on most nights I think I’d rather be sitting in my room playing with my synth than drinking at a party. I’ve been figuring out how to play along to Bjork on it, figuring out the notes to her vocals, and the parts behind her voice. I sit on my bed with the synth on my lap and just go to town on the keyboard, guessing and listening, and getting up to restart songs on the laptop. I’ve been getting crazy static shocks every time I go from playing keyboards on the bed, to messing with Spotify, the second I touch the laptop – zap! 

Speaking of Bjork, I listened to her album Vespertine (2001) in its entirety on Wednesday night I believe – as I was working on a pixel portrait of MNDR. Vespertine was awesome, I absolutely loved it, and it motivated me to finish that portrait I had spent months working on. I didn’t want to stop listening to Bjork, and I didn’t want to leave MNDR unfinished. 

By Thursday afternoon, MNDR had seen and liked my portrait (and said it was relevant to something she was about to release, woo!). It’s kind of crazy how my work is being seen by more and more people now, it is making me feel like my art is less of a hobby and something more serious. A member of A Tribe Called Quest saw my art two weeks ago, MNDR saw it three days ago; who knows where my work can go from there, you know? It’s encouraging to think about my potential, there’s a talent and passion here, and it’s vessel is in positive spirits. 


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