What’s Up? (3/12/14)

It’s 3:30 AM, and I’ve got a splitting headache that’s been on and off all day yesterday. Now, I didn’t take anything to alleviate this, but why? Let me start off by saying that pseudoscience and a mistrust of medicine and medical professionals is a dangerous and destructive thing; it’s the whole reason measles of all things has infected more people in NYC this March than usually get infected in a year, because people are paranoid about the side effects of vaccinations. Still, that being said, I feel hesitant to take anti-headache stuff for some reason. I don’t think it’s born out of a mistrust of medicine, but I don’t feel like things like Aleve, Advil, or Tylenol have ever really helped. Even if they did help, I’m not jumping for a quick cure for a headache; they’re not debilitating, I’ve worked through plenty of them before, in fact I just worked through three hours of art with a headache. If I still have it when I wake up, I’ll have a cup of tea, and if it’s still there after a warm shower, then I’ll give in and find a pill to swallow. I’m not embracing naturalistic nonsense; tea and showers aren’t cures to headaches, but maybe the headache will happen to go away while I’m doing those things, and then I’ll have waited out the problem. Win: me. 

Also, throwing this idea out there because I’ve been thinking on it for a day or two, and shared it with friends. Sbarro has filed for bankruptcy, so who knows how long they’ll be around for? The last time I had Sbarro was during a Mets’ game at Shea Stadium, and that was a very long time ago, and I remember it being underwhelming. The idea: to get a final slice of Sbarro’s pizza, and record a review of it on my laptop, while in Pittsburgh International Airport. My friends laughed, and the idea is intentionally ridiculous to be sure. My love of pizza is a joke with friends, but this is pushing it to an extreme, though one that I think could be funny. My friends trash-talked Sbarro, and I don’t have high expectations, but my mother seemed to fondly remember its rise to food-court stardom. This is a silly idea, and one that will test my ability to do something unusual in public, but it’s an act of preservation: and I’m a little obsessive about preservation.


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