Nuzlocke Challenge Two: Log Four

Panda gets a call on her new cellphone from an unregistered number. The caller turns out to be her father, who is totally cool with her sailing across Hoenn with some old sailor called Mr.Briney. She registers her father’s number as “DAD NORMAN.”  I mean really, what’s up with that Panda? I see what the game is doing, reminding you that your Dad is Norman the gym leader, but come on.  “Registered Dad’s Number” sounds a thousand times more human than “Registered DAD NORMAN.”

Cianwood City in Pokemon Silver established some precedent that carried over into Pokemon Emerald’s Dewford Town, which is to say that if you’re going to cross oceans to find a town full of sailors, there’s going to be a fighting-type gym there… for some reason. Panda needs to deliver a letter to a guy named Steven, but can’t without the badge from Dewford’s gym.

I never realized how sweet Goldeen’s “Peck” was until now, I mean, it was kind of crazy to sweep a fighting type gym with a freaking Goldeen, you know?  It’s not an incredible late-game attack to hold onto, but I’m really glad Goldeen knows a flying-type move, I’m not even mad that it doesn’t know any water-attacks yet. Not even mad!

Getting the Knuckle Badge was a bit more difficult than spamming Goldeen’s attacks though; I also had to spam Crobat’s “Screech” to lower the insane defense of Brawly’s Makuhita. I like fighting-type Pokemon, and even though I’m not into the bigger meta-game, I like that in order to beat Brawly, I had to put in a Pokemon just to lower another’s defense, and I think part of that is thanks to the stat-boosting nature of fighting-type moves. I mean, all Pokemon have stat-boost moves available, but for fighting-type Pokemon, it’s like, mandatory.

To conclude this log: the captured Pokemon from Dewford’s caves  is Golbat, which means we’ll have a backup plan in case anything ever kills Crobat.

Goldeen: Lv.18
Pichu: Lv.11
Lapras: Lv.13
Crobat: Lv.11
Magnemite: Lv.10
Nuzleaf: Lv.9


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