What’s Up? (3/18/14)

I’m so tired. I completed a feminist critique on the first season of The Wire on Monday night/Tuesday morning ahead of schedule, as it’s due Wednesday night. I thought this would free up Tuesday for working on another 3,000-word paper, due on Thursday, but it hasn’t really. Though Monday was incredibly productive, as a good speech on trigger language was given, and a paper was completed, Tuesday was more tiresome, emotionally I suppose.

I chilled in my Professor’s cafe, discovered Carlow, learned about gay marriage in Europe, and discovered the world of Eco-Feminism; all great things right? But all it took was the presence of one person to bring me down ten steps, and then to walk home alone – another few steps. Suddenly the energy and optimism I had coming out of Spring Break was sapped, and ultimately I’m in a hole of feeling lonely tonight.

I like to write with a touch of happiness, but I’m just tired right now. I feel emotionally drained, in need of companionship; and I overate and drank sugary soda to compensate for this, so now I feel bloated too… The choice now is whether to slug through this funk and start on a 3,000-word story, or to break of the funk and work on this story in higher spirits tomorrow.


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