What’s Up? (3/22/14)

If you see something, say something. If you see somebody post a horrible piece of fat-shaming content on Instagram, say something about it. If you think unfollowing the person solves the problem, think again. They didn’t notice you, they don’t care about one follower, and they don’t know that there’s a problem with what they did.

I said something today, to somebody who thinks it’s okay to say “You’re fat because you’re fucking lazy” because she thinks that is the attitude that motivates people. Against my initial gut reaction, I did not tell this person to fuck off, or that they themselves were horrible. I tried to take the route of letting them know that I was upset by it, and that it was basically morally wrong for the person to say such a thing.

She took the route of “You don’t know me,” insisting that everyone is entitled or “untitled” as she put it, to their own opinions.

Sam Harris proposes that science can tell us something about morality, and that scientifically, there are ideal morals to follow that would lead to the greatest human happiness. Since there are ideal moral codes, there also exist, harmful ones. Hence, there’s no reason to equate the morality of different types of world views: there’s no reason to respect say, the Taliban’s views on how you should treat women, because scientifically, they don’t create human happiness. That’s a fact you can prove.

As you shouldn’t listen to the Taliban’s views on how to treat women, you should likewise not look to fat shaming as an okay moral stance or “opinion” to be entitled to. It’s factually, scientifically, immoral; it hurts people, and so I argue – no, you’re not entitled to your opinions if they hurt people.

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