What’s Up? (3/30/14)

This weekend was really something. This weekend was absolutely nothing.  Between a dinner at Panera Bread, an evening of Super Mario 64 and Rum, two gym sessions, a night of listening to records, and a marathon of horrible movies on FX, I can safely say this weekend was fun but left me feeling hungry. I want meaningful human interaction, and playing Super Mario 64 with your drunk roommates is fun and all, but not a source of lasting satisfaction. Parties with new friends, going out and experiencing new things, getting dinner and talking; things that put you a little out of your comfort zone – I didn’t get enough of that this weekend.

I think that’s why I went to the gym again today, and why I might go back again tomorrow, or why sometimes I lock myself in a room and work on art projects for hours on end. If I’m not being fulfilled on a social level, I need to tire myself out physically or creatively. Play guitar with a synthesizer on your left and a laptop on your right, work your way through a stack of comic books you’ve held on to for months, marathon through a book; meditate because you’re tired of being tired.

I jumped at chances to talk to people I don’t usually talk to, I dream about it, I got excited to go to parties with people who I don’t even know so well; I think I might be more of a people person than I thought I was? Maybe I just like talking to new faces. “This weekend was really something,” in that I had a lot of fun, yeah… and “This weekend was absolutely nothing” because it was tired, it was the same stuff, no matter how much I like that stuff, I’m tired of it.


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