Nuzlocke Challenge Two: Log Five

Today I gave the members of my team, names.

Goldeen was given the name Asha, after Asha Greyjoy, the Kraken’s daughter.
Pichu was given the name Webb, for no good reason, but I liked the name.
Crobat was given the name Brucie, after Bruce Wayne.
Magnemite was given the name Twitch, after TwitchPlaysPokemon gave me the energy to make it through this Nuzlocke.
Lapras was given the name Tree Fiddy, after the South Park joke, and because he needs about tree fiddy.
Nuzleaf got the name Nuzzy, because I couldn’t really think of anything for him.

Messing around with Team Aqua’s plan was the first order of business for the newly christened team. Asha, Webb, and Twitch all got a piece of the action, and I’m really rather upset that I didn’t name these guys sooner. It really helps personify the thing you’re supposed to care about when it has a unique identifier.

Beefy the Machop was caught on Route 110 and took Brucie’s spot on the team. Beefy was met at level 13, and quickly rose to level 19 with some intense training. I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll mention again: I like fighting types. It helps that Route 110 has lots of steel and normal type pokemon for Beefy to beat up on.

In a fight against Brendan, Nuzzy the Nuzleaf was killed by Grobyle’s Fury Cutter. At least I didn’t get attached to him, that might sound harsh but, he was basically the Cut-machine rather than a solid team player. His loss does leave our team without anybody that can use Cut however…  I’ll solve this problem next time, hopefully.


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