Nuzlocke Challenge Two: Log Six (Finale)

On Route 117 I catch a Seadra with a Great ball, and on Route 118 I fish a Horsea with a Poke Ball. That means I’m two steps closer to having an all-water team, but not any closer to finding somebody who can learn cut.

I decide that I’m ready to take on the Electric-type gym, which is a huge mistake. I think that Beefy is hot shit, you know? He’s level 20, has a good attack or two; and he can carry this team that’s almost entirely weak to electricity. Like I said, it’s a huge mistake, and Wattson the gym leader totally destroys my team.
Twitch the Magnemite, Beefy the Machop, Roland the Gastly, Rhaena the Seadra, Tree Fiddy the Lapras, and Asha the Goldeen: all gone. In staying with the Nuzlocke rules, each was released, which meant that all of my best team-mates were gone for good.

Thus, ends Nuzlocke Challenge 2. Fitting that there be a dark middle chapter in this Nuzlocke Blog Saga. This second Nuzlocke Challenge was plagued by boredom initially, and was rebooted, and even that didn’t quite fix the problem. I think I’ve just played randomized Pokemon Emerald ROMs just one too many times… And by documenting every little part of the game, I really left nothing to return to on a second playthough. So, I’m glad to announce that what I do next will be completely different. A randomized Pokemon Volt White regular-old playthrough. No Nuzlocke rules: and henceforth it shall be known as… uh… The Volt Switch Challenge! Because it’s Volt White and we Switched things around…heh… and Volt Switch is also a move and… heh. Yes. Exactly! This is what I need!


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