What’s Up? (4/9/14)

For the third day in a row I was up until 6 AM. This made it hard to wake up on time for my 3 PM classes, but today it really took its toll. Waking up at 2 PM, I barely had time to eat breakfast and print my paper, let alone a shower – so I felt groggy, gross, and lazy. Overwhelmingly, I felt tired. There was so much for me to do, and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Until I took a quick 40-minute shower, and washed away the funk. I thought of all the good things that happened yesterday, and all of the good things that are going to happen.

The elections for the Campus Women’s Organization were yesterday, and it was this gloriously happy thing. Our new President and Vice President are awesome, and I look forward to meeting some of the new board members next semester. The whole election process was surprisingly funny I thought, and the room was packed!  We all got frozen yogurt, chilled outside, and it was a great ending to a chapter of CWO.


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