What’s Up? (4/14/14)

Drones, Souls, and Rabbit Holes.

Six AM took its worst toll Sunday morning. Sleep deprived, I slept through my Ten AM Alarm meant to wake me up for Grounded (a one-woman show about a Drone pilot). Luckily somebody had my back, and I was able to see the show. Kelly McAndrew was excellent as the Air-Force pilot turned “Chair-Force” Drone pilot. Her loss of control and descent was incredible to watch, and I could have missed it all because of my worsening tendency to stay awake later and later.  I already feverishly dislike Six AM, but that incident on Sunday was the final strike, the rock bottom that’s going to make me swear off Six AM.

In looking to generate new Pokemon-related content for the blog, I’ve been writing “Soul Swapped” journals. I know I’ve recently said that I was going to do something called the Volt Switch Challenge; where I played through a randomized copy of Volt White, but that wasn’t incredibly fun – and a randomized playthrough of Soul Silver has turned out to be way more fun. In the time it took me to write two entries for Volt Switch, I wrote four for Soul Swapped. I’m going to stockpile entries in the Soul Swapped story so that I have content to release over the summer; I don’t want to set a date for when all of this is released, but maybe when I have five weeks of content I’ll feel comfortable about releasing it. I’m going to be busy, and generating new content is going to be harder than holding onto content for later.

Speaking of busy, the rabbit hole that is Finals week has begun its wrath today. Advanced Public Speaking is over, TV & Society is over; leaving three classes and four papers to complete by April 22nd. That’s roughly forty pages of work to complete in the next week. Expect things to be quiet here; maybe more quiet than usual, because I’ve got to get cracking.


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