What’s Up? (4/28/14)

It’s been about a week since I turned in my last essay for school, so what’s life been like since? I almost forget, which is why I should write these more than once a week if I can. Honestly Tuesday and Wednesday kind of blur together; I remember them being relatively busy, despite my having finished school by then. Thursday I volunteered for a language study that needed participants from a previous language study; well, I say “volunteered” but I did get $20 dollars, that I spent to show myself The Grand Budapest Hotel at The Manor.

I’ve never seen a Wes Anderson film before, and it turns out, his movies might totally be up my alley. Grand Budapest was at least. It was fun, quirky, witty, and most importantly, beautiful. Morally beautiful, artistically, stylistically, musically. In all sorts of ways! I’m hooked, Wes, I got to see more! Also saw Frozen for the first time. It was okay! I didn’t have as great a time watching Frozen as I did watching Tangled, but I also understand why Frozen is a super-big sensation and Tangled isn’t. There were lots of girl-positive messages in Frozen; it might not be perfect, but I love how it defied many common old Disney tropes.

Obeying the rule of threes, let’s see if I can’t think of another paragraph of stuff to write… Apparently my secret for sleeping well is breakfast foods. A bagel from Breuggers, a batch of scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon – if I can’t sleep – a little breakfast food in the morning is going to assure a nice afternoon nap. Also, in the quest to make the perfect scrambled eggs, I discovered there’s a lot of people with crazy theories on scrambled eggs out there on YouTube. It’s not rocket science guys! Eggs go splat in the pan, you make a mess, and as long as you don’t overcook them – you’ve got OK scrambled eggs… Though I will say, the thing I was always doing wrong was not adding butter to mine… that really fluffs them up! And that’s how this post ends… with something that makes me hungry… shit.


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