Four Hours In Lawrenceville

Arrive: 2:30 PM

Walk down Butler Street, past the tattoo parlors, the kittens in the shop windows, past cafes, bars, and restaurants. Past a french bakery. Past a coffee shop/record store. Past a Cuban restaurant and bar.

Arrive @Jay Soap Designs (enjoy the scent of candles and soaps, the whistling soapmaker, the sleeping kitten in the windowsill)

Walk back down Butler Street, past the bowling alley, past the furniture restoration shop, past the vaporizer bar, past pizzerias, and past the shoe shop.

Arrive @Wild Card (enjoy the cards, the gifts, the art, the pleasant cashier; the atmosphere of pure quirk)

Walk further down Butler Street, see familiar faces. The guy who’s going to run the single-screen movie theatre, the guy who owns it (and who owns a lot of Butler Street), and the guy that’s going to run a craft beer distributor. Walk past Row House Cinema. Walk up 39th Street.

Arrive @Arsenal Cider House

Drop off a paper, catch up with the manager, talk about coffee and donuts for a bit. The weather, the summer, the bus schedule… Head out, miss a bus, catch a bus – ride a bus until the end of the line. Get stuck at a Shop & Save, get saved by a stranger who knows that the 87 turns into the 93, get back on the bus.

Depart: 6:30 PM


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