What’s Up? (5/10/14)

It’s been a while. Just a week ago I was in a car on the way to Carlisle, PA – now I’m in New York and I can’t decide if this week away from Pittsburgh has felt longer or shorter than seven days. Lots of sleeping, lots of cleaning, a fair amount of hanging out with friends; a lot of it just feels a little different than normal though. Cleaning the attic feels as important as ever, but I’m also struck with the realization that as clean as I make the attic – I can’t turn it into the living room of my Pittsburgh apartment. The attic has more functions and has every right to feel superior; mini-fridge, surround-sound, desktop computer, consoles – but in Pittsburgh most people just walk over to hang out (so it feels more casual?) and they’re more okay with just sitting and talking instead of always playing games or something. I’m getting ahead of myself though, it’s only been a week and I’ve only seen game-oriented guy-friends – and the attic is looking damn fine, or as well as it could at least.

The thing I’ve been spending the most amount of time on, is making music. I’ve spent probably over ten hours this week working on a single song that’s not even three minutes long yet. It feels amazing. It started last Friday, 5/2/14, as I was listening to an R&B station, when Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” (1974) came on. It’s a song 40 years old, but I fell in love with it – and was inspired to use it as the base layer, as a sample, for a new song. I’m not sure what I’m calling the song yet, but it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve worked on in a long time, music-wise.

I don’t have a lot to show for the work, music-making takes a lot of time, and like I said, over ten hours in I don’t even have three minutes of polished material yet – it might not produce the most amount of product, but the process is the most rewarding of all arts without a doubt. Writing. Art. Music. They all take time, they’re all wonderful uses of time; but where a great paper and a great piece of art can be knocked out in a day or two – I just can’t do that with music yet, not on a computer at least. I can pick up a guitar and play something nice, or improvise a nice tune on the iPad or Korg, but a song – a polished song – that takes time for me.


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