What’s Up? (5/17/14)

There’s content on the way in The Nuzlog, which is good because I’m going to be working soon, so it’ll be nice to just publish stuff that’s been written weeks in advance. There’s also content on the way, in that I’m about to start watching Sailor Moon with my friend Naomi (hey!) in light of the new announcements of a Sailor Moon reboot/movie, and Hulu’s pickup of the original series. I’ve never seen it before, but the art is classic and iconic, and I’m sure to recognize the influence Sailor Moon has had on the shows I’ve watched in my childhood. I’ve also been working on a lot of Pokemon art, as per Reddit’s request, so that’ll be in the Art Portfolio soon enough.

So yeah, in the coming weeks, expect a lot of Japanese stuff that originated in the 1990’s I suppose!

Also, for the sake of preservation, which you know me to be obsessive about – I’m spending a lot of time trimming up and building lists again. A list of every movie I’ve seen, a list of all Nintendo 64 games I’ve played (and would like to play), a list of all Playstation games I’ve played (and would like to play), and for the sake of making a wise investment: a cross-examination of Playstation 3 games I’d like to play and Playstation 4 games I’d like to play. I’m not sold on the idea that I want a new console, since the Xbox 360 was basically a money-sink of self-destructive plastic boxes, and since my laptop can play Triple-A brand new games just fine, but still, I want to do my research.

I also need to organize the external hard-drive; keep all the Photoshop projects organized, alphabetized, categorized by type of project… In the shadow of actual work heading my way, I’ll be creating fake-work to do to keep me busy in my off time 🙂


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