Twenty was a good year, I should probably roll back and see what kind of goals I set for myself a year ago, just to see what’s up. Honestly a lot of personal growth probably. At twenty I’ve completed two public speaking courses and two long form journalism courses, so I think I’ve probably progressed a lot in the way of talking to strangers.

I saw Beck, St.Vincent, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Nine Inch Nails. I had Coffee for the first time, and Red Bull too. I got to knowing Pittsburgh more specifically, and knowing more people living in it. The Campus Women’s Organization defined an entire semester, and was there at the exact right time for me to undergo specific attitude adjustments.

And this weekend? Pretty awesome final days being twenty. The Xanax Cats party in my attic, make banana pancakes, and go to the beach! Not to mention Nico Rosberg ending his teammate’s streak at the Monaco Grand Prix! Things went mostly lovely, and with luck, Twenty-One will surpass Twenty in loveliness.


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