What’s Up? (6/1/14)

It took all of two days after turning Twenty-One to not be carded when buying alcohol, still, the ability to get my hands on the stuff legally is amazing. I spent a day in Manhattan and Brooklyn yesterday, just hanging out for a bit, checking out Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Crown Heights. In the middle of this BYOB show, I walked down the street and grabbed a 40 of PBR, and that was that.

Pulsewave though… I first went to one in my Junior year of Highschool, back when it was in The Tank in Manhattan – and to return to my first Pulsewave in years at the very humble Launchpad in Brooklyn, well it was amazing. To see familiar faces, and dance the night out to chiptunes… just an amazing time and exactly what I needed after a rocky start to the weekend.

Playing the open-mic at Pulsewave though… I mean, that was this totally, different, scary and exciting thing that I just want to do more of. I only played one song as Glitchfox, but there’s more of it to come! New things people. New things. Twenty-One, off to a crazy good start, 75% awesome.


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