What’s Up? (6/6/14)

The days are so, so screwed up in my head. Yesterday I was certain that it was a Wednesday because I so confidently tried to order from the Wednesday Specials Menu on my lunch break – and even today I considered telling you that Thursday was going to be the day I posted a Soul Swapped Challenge. Except today is Friday… It’s unsettling when the days blend together like this, it makes the progression through a week feel less significant, and the weekends feel shorter.

Like the last “What’s Up?” post, this whole thing is being written on an iPhone on a train. This means two things: the first being that my thumbs are freaking killing me, and the second being that any spelling mistakes or errors are totally expected and allowed. I’m just going to keep writing and hope for the best. No speelcheck, no autpcorrect.

Finally, a note about what I want to do. It’s been a very long time since I sat down to play video games alone for myself. When I get home from work, video games are just NOT how I feel like recuperating. I want to catch up on TV, but I haven’t – and I’d like to read books, and I haven’t done that either… It’s either I sleep, or hangout with people. There’s really nothing like seven hours of Microsoft Excel to make you want to go outside, talk to people, and find outlets of the creative and emotional variety. Thank goodness for NYC, because there’s a lot of spirit around for the weary.

These are the things I want to do short term, but I gave some thought to what I want to do in the long game. Outside of making a living, which is something one has to do, not exactly a want per se. But, I want to keep learning. Dance, language, philosophy, arts… I want to see other countries. I want to work in other countries maybe. Bhangra, Spanish, Dutch, Iceland, England, Descartes, Locke: all of this in no particular order, except that it excites me to think about.


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