What’s Up? (6/7/14)

Nico Rosberg won Pole Position in Montreal today, Godzilla was fun, and for the third week in a row my foot hurts: let’s breakdown the weekend.

Bahrain, Shanghai, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, and now – Montreal. For once the race is at a reasonable time I don’t have to wake up for – 2PM. Thank goodness~ and my favorite driver this season, Nico Rosberg, took Pole Position by a mere fraction of a second over Lewis Hamilton. I don’t know if this is a track that allows for a lot of passing – but I’m excited for tomorrow. Go Rosberg, Go Vettel, Ricciardo, Kvyat, and Vergne! Mercedes! Red Bull! RACING! Meanwhile the rest of the United States watches the NHL, the NBA and the N…Horse Racing. The NTRA. The Triple Crown… whatever. I knew CaliChrome wouldn’t win, but I didn’t know the owner would blow up about it – now, I haven’t seen the race or said explosion yet – but I will, eventually.

What I saw instead was Godzilla. It was okay. Moving on.

Oh man, I had something important to write about in the final third of… right! Breaking down the weekend. So tomorrow, ostensibly, I’ll swap a broken pair of headphones for a new pair at no added cost; get a screen protector maybe, and check out a cool/shady basement-run used video game store. Basically, it should be a fun day – and it’s all going to end with the Battle of Castle Black.

I’d love to write more, but I’m missing a hockey game and would like to go by beer. Which is a bloody thing I can do now! 


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