Soul Swapped Challenge: Episode Two

Zoey and Swalot retrieve the Mystery Egg, only to be called into action yet again by Professor Elm like the heroes they are. On the way back to New Bark Town, they run into a Ralts, and rightly so, Swalot is intimated and his attack is cut – both he and Zoey know that a Psychic-type is not what they need to deal with so early on in this game. But really, a Ralts with the intimidate ability is kind of precious.

Know what’s not precious? Zoey’s rival: Poet Tia and her kidnapped Larvitar. No, I didn’t come up with those names on my own – that’s all the work of the Soul Swapped Randomizer. By sheer luck though, Zoey’s rival happens to have a great Pokemon to counter Swalot, who’s Poison Jab really doesn’t come in handy in a fight against a Larvitar. After defeating Larvitar and growing to Level 9, Swalot has the chance to learn Explosion, but I can’t abide by giving my starter Pokemon a sacrifice move like that… Zoey needs a sidekick, and he can’t go exploding over everything all the time!

Zoey’s friend Lyra offers to teach us how to catch Pokemon, when her Marill is swept away by Ratata’s Whirlwind, ending the battle before she can even catch it. Of course the game moves on as if Lyra caught a Pokemon, which makes the whole silly ordeal that much funnier. Even without Lyra’s help, Zoey manages to catch two Pokemon on Route 46: one Meditite and one Slugma. Nothing of note except that Slugma; despite being the team’s second blob, knows Blaze Kick. Thanks again to the Soul Swapped Randomizer.

It’s getting late, so I decide I’ll do a few last battles before going to bed. I think the choice to train Slugma over Meditite says more about just not liking Meditite than preferring Slugma. I’ve also always wanted to put together a team of blobs. As an added bonus, this Slugma has the Frisk ability, so if any wild Pokemon are carrying items, we’ll know about it. I train Slugma a single level before calling it a night. On next week’s episode: Zoey goes to Violet City!


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