What’s Up (6/16/14)

Thoughts from the train: I dress for work by trial and error. I put clothes on and say “fuck that” until I don’t anymore, and then catch whatever train suits me. Today’s outfit is a white polo with pink khaki’s, so we’ll see how that flies. I honestly think that’s okay to wear at work, and if not… Well, they say to dress for the job you want, right?

Eventually a whole post needs to be written about this but, I have serious issues about Game of Throne’s fourth season. Honestly, when it’s usually the defining thing about the weekend, that it ranked as less fun than playing Superman 64 on Saturday night really speaks volumes about the show’s failures. These failures are really specific to book-readers, though not specifically to book purists. See, I like the changes they make from time to time, but when the changes go nowhere or serve to undermine characters or the speed of the plot – I just have to throw my hands in the air and call bullshit.

It was a great finale; not as great as it could have been, and I enjoyed my espresso and sambuca more than watching Arya sail into the most disappointing black screen ever.


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