What’s Up? (6/21/14)

I need weekends like these so badly. You feel like you’re losing pieces of yourself all week; exhausted, ever-so on edge.

And then you hang out with your real best friend. You go and do something dumb like slip out at one in the morning; hanging out with stray cats, and eating pizza on the sidewalk. You buy Bud-Light-Bur-Itas and find out how truly disgusting they are. You find a shitty Christian TV station that plays an anime adaption of Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” (1869). You wake up and this time a new friend joins the mix and you hit up the beach. You hear the dumbest conversations, you freeze in the ocean, you blast Chico Trujillo… You grab pub food at Paddy’s Loft, iced coffees at Dunkin Donuts, and peaches & cream in the pool. You marathon Psy music videos, watch Broad City, and drink as many Bajan Sunrises as you can before you run out of orange juice.

You go to bed, exhausted… but for the right reasons.


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