What’s Up? (7/1/14)

Oh so quiet around these parts, eh?

I’ve been busy though. Or I’ve being doing things at least. I’m so tired right now. So ready to go to sleep… I don’t know if I can give the last few days justice.

I know for sure I can’t actually… I need to be at 100% mental capacity to describe the LGBT Parade & the Beck concert. I’m just not there right now. I’ll tell a story so that this is even worth posting; this happened this morning on the way to the train station.

I saw a beautiful moth. Bright orange with a four-inch wingspan easily,  flying with difficulty as moths tend to do. Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a moth like that out in the morning, or for at any time of day, ever. It was a sight to see; and then a sparrow came down and started circling it, and at first I walked away. The moth was going to be bird breakfast, why should I care? But it felt wrong walking away… so I turned around to the moth, scaring the sparrow away just by proximity. By chance the moth escaped into the bushes – and my little diversion saved it’s life, however momentarily.

It got me thinking about human intervention in nature. I wondered what it took for me to stop the sparrow from eating: would the bug have to be rare like the moth? Did it have to do with aesthetics? Somehow I don’t think so; I think I would have left a butterfly to it’s own fate. I suppose it came down to pity. I simply pitied the moth. It could not fly to safety, and it looked to me like the sparrow was going to have no trouble at all, and I saw an opportunity to step in an make things a little bit more even.


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