Soul Swapped Challenge: Episode Three

The road to Violet City is paved with the victories of Swalot; and along the way Zoey managed to add two more members to the team. One is a Gulpin who has a boosted Speed Stat, but the Stall ability that prevents it from attacking first. The other is a Diglett with Cubone’s signature Boneclub and Bone Rush attacks, and the Heatproof ability that weakens the power of Fire-type moves. An interesting find: Diglett was holding Shoal Salt, an item only obtainable in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Where did she get such a thing? ~Mystery intensifies~

Back on Route 31 Diglett is put to the test against Lady Stacey’s Caterpie, who you don’t want to mess with. In all seriousness, that Caterpie came really close to beating Diglett. Caterpies have the Aftermath ability I suppose – which takes 1/4th of the HP away from the Pokemon that knocks it out – making them dangerous after death. Swalot has Gastro Acid though, and can suppress the Aftermath ability so that beating Stacey’s four Caterpies doesn’t absolutely wreck him. As a reward for beating Lady Stacey, Zoey receives one Iron. Swalot’s Defense and Special Defense are already his best stats, so why not make them a little better with Iron?

Quite frankly, I always forget whether or not you’re supposed to take on Falkner’s Gym, or Bellsprout Tower first. I love me some Bellsprout Tower, and Violet City is one of my favorites… but this time I think I’ll go with the Gym Challenge first. Scratch that. It’s mandatory to hit up Sprout Tower first. Or should I say… Spout Tower? Because it turns out the Soul Swapped Randomizer made everybody in Sprout Tower Water-type Trainers.

Somehow, a trainer uses a Pokemon I straight-up have never, never seen before: a Lumineon. I mean, how many years have I been playing Pokemon, and there are still some that I don’t know? Is that a good sign or a bad one? Somewhat ironically, Swalot has the chance to learn Hydro Pump midway up the Water-Type Spout Tower – and I let him. At the loss of Stealth Rcok, Swalot now knows Hydro Pump. On next week’s episode: Zoey faces the Elder swimmer.


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