What’s Up? (7/14/14)

I’m rather backlogged on things to write about: the parade, the Beck show, and now Snowpiercer, and The Sidewalk. I’ve done things worth writing about, worth recording, but I find myself most excited to record events of the greater meta-variety. I feel like I’m stepping into a new phase. I picked up Alison Bechdel’s work again, and it’s been a great way to rekindle ideas in deep thought that had been dormant for too long. New backpack, new clothes, old games. Preparation. Feeling like I’m about to permanently branch in a few ways. Committing to paths that were only previously wandered on. Backbone, vodka, scarf, colour, pen and paper.

I suppose this all could be chalked up to excitement about college, about the fall semester; being myself and being at college are very much one in the same, but I wonder if I’m not just excited about who that self is. Midnight just struck, so it’s technically (7/15/14) now. Guitar needs a new set of strings, but it will sing beautifully once you put them on.


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