What’s Up? (8/2/14)

I’m really going to be in Pittsburgh in five days. Wow. How ready am I? How excited am I? Home with my roommates, surrounded by all things important to me again. There’s something to my bedroom at Pittsburgh that’s different than the one in New York. The art is hand picked and new. The clothes are, I mean… I can wear what I want, experiment with colors. I guess it’s not like I can’t do that at home. The ability to change and grow just doesn’t feel, engaged at home. In the city, I felt engaged – at school I feel engaged, at home I largely feel, oddly uncomfortable.

“You’re usually the go-to person for finishing things — wrapping the presents, polishing the chrome, and in general, making things ready for public consumption. But today, you should try to get on the other side of that dynamic. Instead of being focused on the outward appearance or the finished product, get into the guts of things. Your mind is good for more than just playing dress up.”

That’s the Gemini Horoscope for today. Something about working in “the guts of things” inspires me to either work on a new, complex song – or art project. Like what? I’m not sure. I should look at my surroundings I guess, find some inspiration for a new project… Maybe I’ll work on some fake packaging or logo design… Stuff that’s more portfolio friendly, and less likely to get likes on Facebook.

I hope my plants are doing okay back in Pittsburgh… I’m going to ask my roommates to throw on the air conditioning and ionizer an hour before I arrive. My room will be cool and refreshing upon my return!

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