What’s Up? (10/1/14)

I’m halfway through the sixth week of this semester, which isn’t exactly an important statement, or relevant to what I want to talk about, but something I wanted to say.

The pothos I bought to replace my snake plant is dying at an incredibly fast rate. I’m not panicking about it. I have a line of fake plants that I’m looking at to replace it. Plastic doesn’t die, and it’s not important that the plant be a living thing, only that it adds green to the room.

I realized that I’ve been getting compliments for the watches I’ve been wearing, and my outfits in general recently – and I realized that I had accomplished one of my goals from the What’s Up? of (7/21/14), which is to create color coordinated outfits. This made me happy.

I think a lot of things are making me happy actually, though I get super side-tracked by stress and anxiety. What am I doing writing this? It feels like a waste of time. I feel so cheesy but, I want to say some things that are making me happy: I haven’t bought anything on Amazon in quite some time. GAH. Why does that make me feel better? I went to bed before 1AM yesterday. BLEH. I mean, my goodness. For things that are making me feel good, I sure feel like an idiot for writing those down. This blog isn’t a pity party, certainly. I mean I write things that aren’t just lists of complaints and things bothering me. I think I try to be positive here. And for what it’s worth, there’s plenty of things like, media reviews. There’s categories for stuff.

What’s up today on October 1st is that I’m feeling good, and weird. As I said last night at CWO: I’m in good spirits, but my body is exhausted. Right now, I’m excited to go make lunch (at 4 PM) but my shoulders feel sore, and even though I’m well rested, the bed calls for me. I guess the best metaphor for what’s going on right now is: I like where I’m going, and I like where I am, but steering this ship is exhausting.



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