Soul Swapped Challenge: Episode Four

At the top of Spout Tower, Zoey finds Lazy Kim: the Eldest of the Water Trainers of Violet City. After defeating his Wartortle and growing to Level 17, Swalot has the chance to learn Super Fang, but I opt out. Zoey gets $1,200 and sends some to Mom. She also gets the TM.70 Rock Tomb in lieu of Flash, which will make navigating caves way, way less fun.

In the Dark Cave, Slugma finds an Ekans with TM 58, and while I have no clue what that is, I want it. Zoey’s Diglett uses Yawn to put Ekans to sleep and capture it – and the TM it’s holding. Unfortunately the TM 58 is Perish Song which totally isn’t worth the effort. For what it’s worth Ekans has Drizzle, which makes it rain during battle – so at least I got to laugh at that.

The first trainer at Falkner’s gym uses a Smoochum – so I don’t know if this is an Ice gym or a Psychic gym… but I’d rather it be an Ice gym so that Slugma can deal some damage. Falkner’s Gym sure has some lazy design though. For all of the fancy elevator high-rise stuff built into it, doesn’t it go to waste when you design a puzzle to avoid Gym Trainers that is as easy as “walk on the Glass path?” (By the way Zoey, it turns out this is a Psychic-type gym, so that really blows for Swalot, Ekans, and Gulpin… good thing you have Slugma). Speaking of, Slugma Blaze-Kicks a Medicham out of existence, Levels up twice, growing from Level 7 to Level 9 and learning Fire Punch in the process.

Oh by the way, have I been calling him Falkner? Turns out that’s wrong: the gym leader of Violet City is Sailor Monk: Psychic-type master. The poor guy uses a Beldum which falls to Slugma’s newfound ability to punch things in addition to kicking them. His second Pokemon, Hypno, uses his psychic cunning to… Thrash… to thrash about, which knocks out Slugma, and leaves Swalot to finish the job. Hypno gets confused after thrashing, and Sailor Monk shouts out “We’ve still got the wind!” Which is priceless. Zoey receives the Zephyr badge, which grants the obedience of Pokemon up until Level 20, which Swalot is really close to reaching. It also grants the use of Rock Smash, which I’m sure we’re never going to get… and he gave us the TM 51: Ominous Wind, a Ghost-type move that nobody can learn. I’m starting to get nervous about whether or not we’re going to make progress; I think we should have an HM by now… On next week’s episode: Zoey makes an omelet out of the Mystery Egg.


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