What’s Up? (10/9/14)

Things have been really, really good. The pressure’s on for getting good grades and graduation on time, but things are still really good. I feel like hard work is being acknowledged where it’s being done, and I’m less stressed out than normal? I’m affording myself some really stellar downtime: I’m realizing how great it is to just have a Starbucks Coffee and just relax. Order a coffee, sit down, relax. I also tracked down some 1940’s erotica by Anaïs Nin, “Delta of Venus” released in 1977, or something like that. Very interesting: I understand why it gets a mixed reception by feminists. Anaïs was incredibly resentful of the mysterious patron that paid her to write erotica, with specific instructions to concentrate on sex, and to cut out the poetry. Her and a self-described erotica tour-de-force of authors were all negatively affected by the wishes of this patron, who’s demands made them write soul-sucking-sex with no emotion or beauty. This is a really interesting scenario, and it creates a really odd collection of erotica wherein Anaïs Nin writes generous acts of cunnilingus in the 1940’s (cool) but also of child molestation and incest. It can be really disturbing, and I didn’t know what to think of what I’ve read on the whole. She uses really beautiful language when describing female sensuality, and the body in general, but I don’t know if it’s the sort of text I’d keep in a personal collection.

This Anaïs Nin detour took me to the University of Pittsburgh’s special book collection of the rare and old. It’s a very cool room, though no books can exit: the atmosphere is incredible, the lamps old and Victorian in design. So yeah! A few days of hard work, Starbucks, and books, books, books. That’s my life at the moment, more or less: books! That calms my recent anxieties about missing out on new video games: because even if I had the money to buy them, I wouldn’t have the time to play them. Not if I was being responsible and whatnot. Speaking of: I don’t have any work to do right this moment, nothing’s due tomorrow, so I think I’m going to go ahead and do one responsible thing (bicycling) followed by some irresponsible things (like making some gimlets or something!). Namaste or something!


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