What’s Up? (10/16/14)

It’s weird when a whole day is boiled down to a single purpose. The only thing that mattered was being present for class, and handing in essays. I barely slept so I could write those essays,  and the only thing keeping me going was the mission to hand in those papers – once that was done, the day was over. I woke up, handed in papers, and napped. Nothing felt  stand-out amazing today really… not until my roommate Brian and I watched a solid 30 minutes of Macho Man Randy Savage videos on YouTube. The absurdist intensity of everything he said was just amazing, and we were dying. We also watched clips of the Macho Man Skyrim mod, and then just started talking about Skyrim and video games in general. It’s so interesting how we could pine for and be nostalgic over video games that we played in High School – it doesn’t seem like that long ago in our memories – but it’s been 7 years since some of those video games had come out. Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 are going to have like, HD 10-year anniversary remakes before 2020 and that’s just some stupid stuff to think about.

October 16th 2014 was the kind of day where I needed to do laundry, but I needed to sleep more, so I slept. It almost sucked, but a healthy dose of video game talk and a few glasses of sherry saved the day. It was also the kind of day where I hopped into Skyrim and started a new character that I could tell was going to be a classic. I had installed a randomizer mod that plopped my character at a random location with the “Kit” of my choice. I chose “Witchhunter” because hey, that sounds interesting: and wouldn’t you know? The random location I spawned at was a few steps away from a Witch’s home, so basically I’m feeling this new Witchhunter character I’ve created. A random location spawn is exactly what Skyrim needed to feel fresh, since the first 30 minutes of that game’s story is a real drag the 10th time you’ve seen it. In any case, Skyrim is still awesome – but I realized it was getting late and that I really wanted to do right by tomorrow: get sleep, get coffee, eat breakfast, seize the day!

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