What’s Up? (10/20/14)

October 20th was one of those days that kicked my ass. Good things first: dropping off my Take-back-the-Night poster for CWO, Beloved class discussion, afternoon Sherry-cheese-n-crackers, Batman discussion in Graphic Novel. Other even better things: getting published in a student magazine (maybe) and getting in contact with a favorite professor, sending out some thank-yous.

Less cool things: feeling exhausted. Constant headaches. This dreaded feeling that work never ends. A constant want for sleep, versus a constant need to stay awake and do work.

As is normally the case, I say the day was bad – and then I come here and list everything that happened, and most everything is good. I can list way more things that made me happy, than made me stressed out – so what’s the deal? Why do I feel so sore and worn out at the end of, what’s basically a good day riddled with the usual amount of stress?


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