What’s Up? (10/26/14)

Formula One.

I rewatched the 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix on Thursday. It was the first Formula One race I ever watched. I recall staying up around 3AM on a Sunday with some snacks and sodas, and getting sucked in. The races between Perez, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Vettel, Ricciardo… fighting for 3rd place was never as intense as it was then. The fireworks, the extravagance, the bright lights in the desert… I’m so glad that Bahrain was my first, because it really was something. Ten years ago it was the first Grand Prix in the Middle East, in 2014 it was the 900th Grand Prix ever.

Tig Notaro.

I saw Tig at the Kelly Strayhorn theatre this Saturday Night. She’s amazing… so interactive, just brilliant. She talked about some pretty important things like Santa, Sanford and Sons, Gay Buried, Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, um… Chocolate Mustaches? I can’t wait to see the material in a recorded session as “Boyish Girl Interrupted” would be a great CD name. Tig also noticed my bow-tie which I wore just for the show, and that basically made the night perfect. She was signing merch, but I had no money for merch – but I’ll take a personal compliment as my keepsake from the show. “I dig the bow tie, by the way.”

Nintendo 64.

Friday night, me and Tom played a straight two hours of Nintendo 64, and I’m convinced now that collecting Nintendo 64 games is not a folly, because the games are fun to pop in on a slow night. Does Mario Golf look that good anymore? No, but you’re willing to play all 18 holes because it plays well. Surprisingly, NASCAR 2000 is actually a mechanically satisfying game that you can become skilled in. That Star Wars Podracing game you liked as a kid? It’s not as good as you remember. The games that are fun nowadays are surprising, they’re games that maybe weren’t interesting when you were a kid – that doesn’t mean they’re not worth owning, but you need to own them for the right price: $5 is about right.


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