What’s Up? (12/1/14)

Final Week
Listen, it’s not finals week, but it might as well be. The final week of class has as many major assignments due as finals week. Percentage-wise, this final, 15th week of class, actually matters more than finals week. On one hand, I’m glad the weight is distributed across two weeks – this is in many ways something to be thankful for. On the other hand, having all of this work due the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday right out of the gate from Thanksgiving break? That sucks. I spent the Saturday of Thanksgiving break basically locked in my room reading (reading Alison Bechdel, so not a total loss), and then writing all night. I woke up late on Sunday (11/30/14) in a frenzied panic trying to get my professor a well-rounded presentation as soon as possible. Then I flew back to Pittsburgh, to work some more.

I feel like the most meaningful conversations I had with my family this entire break were the ones where I was in the car, either going to or from the airport. That sucks. For what it’s worth, I’m back on Long Island in such a short time that, a bad Thanksgiving break is basically nothing to complain about. The work I’m doing right now, revising a paper from a year ago – it’s not bad work. Essay writing is my element, which works out nicely as I’ve got a lot of essay writing to do these next few days. Tonight: editing a 4,944-word paper down to a nice 2,500-word paper. At the rate I’m editing, I’m going to have to add words at some point. Tomorrow night: a brand new 2,000 words about Ellen Forney’s Marbles. The night after that? Nothing! Take a break. Enjoy hump-day… Then get back to it by editing 20-page paper about Man of Steel.

I’ve turned my blog into a day planner, not good. Not good.


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