Charmed: “Something Wicca This Way Comes” (1×01)

Once upon a time I was flipping channels and stumbled upon an episode of Charmed. I suppose what I saw was a late-season episode on TNT. I didn’t stick around for long before I knew that Charmed was a series I wanted to watch from the beginning. Weeks later I found myself here, with the first episode of Charmed streaming across Netflix. Lets call this a list of impressions rather than an actual review, for now.

The Sisters Three
I absolutely love the sister dynamic in this episode. Charmed introduces its three sisters in a rather expository way, but it works. (And it’s a first episode, what do you expect!?). We have Prew, Piper, and Phoebe. Prew rejected her boss/ex-boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Now she’s romantically involved with the detective investigating her mother’s occult murder. After episode one, she’s my second-favorite. My favorite has to be Phoebe right now. She doesn’t need a man! (Though Prew thinks she got involved with her ex-boyfriend). Also, Phoebe’s the youngest and most-okay with this magic stuff- so she’s by default, the most fun. Then there’s Piper who tries to bring Phoebe and Prew closer together (it’s not working). Piper’s a good cook, her boyfriend turned out to be a Warlock, and she’s got middle-sister neutrality. This makes her least interesting as of the first episode, unfortunately.

I liked the way Charmed handled and dealt out magic this first episode. The show based the sisters’ witch-magic at least partly in Wicca stuff, with other occult things mixed in. I like that there’s an obviously magical cat, who doesn’t talk or do anything magical in the first episode. (You just know its magic). The thing I like most is how each sister gets her own magical specialty. Prew has telekinesis, Piper can stop time, and Phoebe can read minds (telepathy?). The powers are dished out quickly, Charmed doesn’t waste any time showing you how they master these powers, they just get them. Some prophecy says that these three sisters will be the most powerful witches of all time. So even though they kill Piper’s Warlock-boyfriend in a very underwhelming way, I have hopes that their magic will become cooler in future episodes.

In The End…
Charmed seems like a show that will become much, much better than this first episode. The Sisters will develop, I’ll get to know them better, their dialogue will become more natural. (We won’t hear sentences like, “But my sister slept with my boyfriend!” or “She doesn’t have sex with anyone but herself!”). By all means I hope the show continues with its cheesy lighthearted attitude, I just want it to turn into the type of cheesiness that I can laugh with, not at.


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