What’s Up? (1/5/15)

Last First-Day-of-Class
I guess I just had my last, first day of class, ever. So, how’d it go? Well it was cold. Music 0100 was so, well, nothing happened so I can’t really judge it. Intro to Poetry, better. We did things. Wrote poetry, talked. I know somebody in Poetry which is very important, and exciting. Really helps the class not feel, isolated? Of my morning teachers so far, Kazumi > Nathan. Then there was a nice 2-3 hour break wherein I made lunches for the future, went to Roman Civilization, found out it was canceled, and then got lunch for the day. Killed time, wrote a blog post that turned into a review for “The Interview” (2014). Afterwards I had “Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies.” As an introductory course I expected it to be full of first-year students who I wouldn’t know but instead I actually knew a few students. And two of them were ranking board members of Rainbow Alliance and the Campus Women’s Organization so, it’s not even that weird for very involved people to take an Intro course! Ending the day on this note was very important. Very hopeful. Very happy.

Broadchurch Returns
So the episode only just aired, so I’ll let everyone watch before I go spoiling stuff but… if anybody doubted Broadchurch Series 2 could be any good, you’re wrong! Because it is off to a good start, and I, oohhh… I can’t wait to write about it.


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