What’s Up? (2/6/15)

“This week paled in comparison to last week. I’ll just leave it at that.” – me, at the Vagina Monologues Board of Director’s meeting.

It’s true that this week, despite several classes being canceled and being less demanding work-wise, has felt empty. Bland. Boring. It’s like a post Super-Bowl funk. The Patriots won, I lost, and they took the week with them. No class has felt amazing, no club was on fire, and I didn’t do much at home to compensate for the lackluster week. I put more art for sale on Society6, and did another great podcast for my 120+ listeners, but otherwise… I’m not sure. There’s a special person now, and it feels like the important thing is when and how much time I spend with them – and it’s hard to care as much for the other things. This week was like a bad cocktail of anxiety, tiredness, and maybe some more anxiety. It took a few gimlets and my roommates to alleviate the funk with a few rounds of Mario Kart, and Mario Golf. For that I thank them,  but now it’s Saturday and I don’t know what to make of this weekend.

I’ll get back to you.


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