What’s Up? (2/23/15)

Euphoric Wave Over
Getting sick sucks, but getting sick during the middle of an emotional peak sucks even more. Right when everything feels like it’s going best for you, when you’re a social explosion high on parties, sex, and alcohol, that’s when it sucks the most to be taken down by a cold. A goddamn cold, sore throat, snotty, cold.

I stayed inside all of Friday (2/20/15) and Sunday (2/22/15) and that makes me feel like garbage. I hate being bedridden. I was productive indoors, sure, and I had an alright time with my roommates but–it’s nothing compared to being up and outside. When I stay indoors or relatively locked-in my apartment, it can feel like I’m not there at all.

So in a way I think being sick helped me a little bit because I realized how much I thrive on going outside, being around people, being social, having drinks and having good times. Schmooze it or lose it, you know what I’m saying?


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