What’s Up? (4/9/15)

Storm of the Year Edition
Oh my god. When something like this happens you have  to write about it immediately. This was the storm of the year (so far).

Let me paint the picture for you. It’s 6PM. A Tornado warning for a nearby county goes up. A bolt of lightning strikes and lights up your entire apartment. The thunder shakes the apartment for a full four seconds. The grey sky starts turning… green, almost. You step outside on the balcony and the rain is intense. Six or seven blocks out, a construction crane disappears from view as a cloud of mist overtakes it. The veil of rain is coming straight towards you.

You tell your roommate that they have to see this weather. The veil of rain is now a block away. Lightning strikes in the east past the Quality Inn, lightning strikes north up the hill. Thunder rolls through loud and angry. The veil envelopes your apartment and the rain starts falling even harder–hail pelts the balcony rail, cars below you in the parking lot, and you get soaked.

It is incredibly powerful, moving weather. It doesn’t last long, six minutes tops. It’s fun, frightening, and unforgettable.


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