What’s Up? (4/18/15)

Quick Recap
The week of (4/6) to (4/12) was good. The weekend was particularly filled with things I enjoy: like Formula One, Game of Thrones, drinking gin, being productive, getting busy (wink, nod, move on), and having a relaxing outdoor dinner with my significant other.

The week of (4/13) to (4/19) was less good. I felt lots of stress piling on. Graduation, apartment hunting, job hunting, and finals week pushed me to a rock-bottom mindset. The good thing was that I basically bottomed out by Wednesday (4/15) and after that things have been much better.

Now, it’s Sunday (4/19) at 2:40 AM. I’m done writing one of two final papers. I’m back in the swing of things. I’m excited to graduate. I’m excited for the Bahrain Grand Prix in eight hours. I’m excited for Game of Thrones. I’m excited to see my s.o. one last time before the summer break.

I was knocked down for a bit, but I’m coming up. More, in detail, later. For now, we sleep, eased by sweet vodka gimlets, and the knowledge that the most important essay of my college career is now completely written, though in need of edits. It’s good enough that I deserve this little break.

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