What’s Up? (5/1/15)

Graduation Weekend
Finals Week, (4/18)-(4/23), was filled with health issues and long nights of essay writing at Hillman Library. It was not what you would call, stressful, rather the opposite. I had everything under control, my papers were written, I studied for my exam in Roman Civ, my poetry manuscript was complete–really everything school-related was perfect, my health was the only thing that sucked. Breaking out in sweats, fevers, lots and lots of coughing. Now that’s all gone, and all I really remember, is the Graduation Weekend that followed Finals Week.

It was a three day stretch filled with great food, good times, family, and booze. My family, I think, got to experience a really nice selection of Pittsburgh establishments, and different types of neighborhoods. Me and my friends went out on a high note with a massive karaoke party that was totally worth whatever repercussions we were returned–understandably you cannot throw a karaoke party that lasts until 6 AM without consequences. Finally, there were the professors and students who, honestly, I was really surprised by how much some professors remembered me–and how many students were excited to see me at graduation. I really got that perfect graduation experience that way–feeling loved and celebrated, and in it with my family and Pitt family.

Now That That’s Over
I’m at home, spending a lot of time doing nothing. It’s alright, honestly I wish I could let myself enjoy the doing nothing a bit more. It drives me crazy though, basically just having the internet, some video games to keep me occupied. I need to start a new GlitchFox song or a Photoshop project… Or something. Because I’m all antsy waiting to go to England, but also really excited to see some friends here in New York, intensely waiting for Formula One to return, and all the while I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m not really on vacation–I have to find a job, and a place to live–but it feels like I’m supposed to vacation a little bit right now. It’s all very, weird–it’s enjoyable at times, but also, it stirs up anxiety, not knowing what you’re doing.


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